5 Paleo Dinner Recipes

By Healthshul
Post On May 21, 2020

The Paleo diet has become crazy popular, and when you do it right, it’s a great way to eat healthy AND lose weight. It can get boring, though, all that meat and veggies and no pasta, right?

What is the Paleo Diet Anyway?

Well, we could write several articles on the subject, including what to eat and WHY people eat this way.

In short, it’s referred to as the “caveman” diet because it’s about eating closer to how your cavemen ancestors ate: lots of veggies and healthy fats with some meat in the mix as well.

Most carbohydrates, with the exception of potatoes and root vegetables, are a no-go because processed carbohydrates like breads and grains came into the scene MUCH later.

The idea is that our bodies are best-suited to be without these foods because our ancestors thrived without them for thousands of years.

Anyway, that’s the short of it.

1.Spiralized Puttanesca

Try making veggie noodles with an inexpensive spiralizer to curb the pasta monster that lives in your belly. If you haven’t gotten a spiralizer yet and gotten into the world of veggies noodles, you’re sorely missing out!

This recipe uses sweet potato noodles, or spoodles, as a delicious base for a sophisticated yet healthy Italian meal.

Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, capers, olives, broth, and anchovies make up this savory dish, but you can make it totally veggie and it won’t lose any flavor! The sweetness of the potatoes balances out the savory ingredients perfectly.

Click here to try this recipe by Cooking Light!

2.Ultimate Grain-Free, Egg-Free Veggie Burger

You’re probably thinking that it’s not possible to make a decent veggie burger without soy, eggs, grains, or beans, but it is, I promise! You’re also going to get a good amount of protein with this one.

Perhaps the most awesome thing about this recipe is that it includes a recipe for a plantain bun, which is gluten-free and oh-so-yummy.

Most people think that it’s impossible to be a vegetarian and do a Paleo diet, but you really can get enough protein and have a good time eating it, too!

Click here to try this recipe by Lori and Michelle at Pure Twins!

3.Garden Harvest Salad with Chicken & Roasted Walnut Dressing

 A big part of every Paleo diet is to load up on veggies and protein, and this salad has plenty of both without being boring.

The ingredients might not seem like they go together at first glance; there are blueberries, avocados, bell peppers, and onions on the list, but they go together surprisingly well!

The roasted walnut dressing that it’s paired with is to DIE for. You’re going to love it on any salad.

Click here to try this recipe by Lorrie at The Paleo Diet!

4.Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken

You can eat clean and have Chinese food at the same time, thanks to this scrumptious recipe!

Sesame chicken from a restaurant is rarely a good idea. It can often have a high-fat content of 60 grams or more, and your calorie intake can skyrocket over the 1000 mark. It’s often usually FRIED.

Don’t even get me started on the carb count!

Try this yummy slow-cooked recipe instead. It’s only got 40 grams of carbs, 8 grams of fat, and 334 calories. Pair it with some cauliflower rice and you won’t miss Chinese take-out ever again. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s still a great substitute!

Click here to try this recipe by Skinny Ms!

5.Ginger Tuna Ceviche

ust about every Central and South American country has a regional dish of ceviche. It’s always made of some type of fish, chilis, and citrus juice.

his unique take on ceviche goes for an Asian flavor. The tuna really works with the ginger, chilies, and lime.

Tuna is a great way to get omega-3 fatty acids, but make sure to get it as fresh as possible because it’s served raw in this dish. Let your butcher know you’re preparing it raw so he can get you the freshest piece.

Click here to try this recipe by Christopher at The Paleo Diet!


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