5 Benefits of Drinking Water

By Healthshul
Post On May 27, 2020

Drinking enough water can be a challenge, especially if you’re not a fan of the plain stuff. Check out these 14 evidence-based health benefits of water for some sip-spiration, then read on for more ways to hit your daily target.

1. Helps optimize concentration

“The brain functions best when adequately hydrated,”

Shanta Retelny says. “Thinking is clearer and focus is better, and neurons are sure to fire better.”

A study on women published in The Journal of Nutrition explored hydration status on brain function and found that a loss of 1.4% of body weight in fluids during exercise caused a drop in concentration.


2. Improves mood

A variety of factors affect our mood—and hydration status is yet another.

The study cited above, from The Journal of Nutrition, also found an association between mild fluid losses and mood disturbances.

Further research will look at reasons for the link. In the meantime, think of sipping as something to smile about.


3. Optimizes physical performance

Water helps regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and the efficient transport of nutrients and waste in working muscle.

All are essential functions that affect physical performance.Lose just 2% of your body’s fluid, and you might start to experience fatigue, a feeling of greater exertion, and trouble regulating body temperature.

Stay on your game and keep a water bottle handy.


4. Needed for lubricating joints

Water is a component of synovial fluid, which lubricates and cushions the joints and surrounding cartilage to prevent painful rubbing of bones.

Adequate hydration is important for ensuring each joint’s synovial membrane can make this protective fluid.


5.Improves skin hydration

As the body’s largest organ, skin depends on adequate hydration, too.

And while not much can be said to stop “aging” (except freezing time, perhaps), a 30-day study of 49 women found that those who stepped up their water intake experienced improvements in skin’s superficial and deep hydration status. 




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