4 Yoga Poses For Correcting Bad Posture

By Healthshul
Post On July 16, 2020


Many factors can contribute to one’s bad posture. If your work needs you to stay in one spot for very long, chances are you might be staying in one posture for too long.

For example, sitting too long is one of them and that can cause bad posture easily.

Having a wrong posture can develop some serious problems over time.

These problems range from upper back pain, lower back pain, weakened muscles, digestion issues to curvature of the spine.

If you want to improve your posture, then roll out your yoga mat and start doing these yoga poses for correcting bad posture!

They will help you correct your bad posture, relieve the pain and strengthen your muscles.

10 Yoga Poses For Correcting Bad Posture

These yoga poses are a good stretch after a long day stuck in one position.

You can do all the yoga poses so you can give your whole body a good stretch. Or, you can just do what you feel is helping you the most in fixing your posture!

1. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)


The Bridge Pose stretches the chest, neck, and spine. It helps to calm your mind and alleviate the stress built up in your body.

Begin by lying down on your back and palms facing down at the sides. Bend your knees so that your heels are as close as possible to your buttocks.

Exhale and press the soles of your feet and arms against the floor. Push your hip upwards while keeping your buttocks firm. Now clasp your hands below and extend your arms to stay on top of your shoulders.

Keep your knees directly perpendicular to your heels and firm your shoulder blades against your back.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

2. Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

The Fish Pose is an amazing pose to it before bed or after a long drive.

Begin by lying down on your back on the floor. Bend your knees and lift your pelvis slightly off the floor. Now slide your hands below your buttocks with the palms facing down.

Rest your buttocks on your hands. Keep your forearms and elbows close to the sides of your torso. Next, inhale and press your forearms and elbows firmly against the ground.

While doing that, you will also need to press your scapulas into your back. Lift your upper torso and head until they are away from the floor. Arch your back and lift your chest as much as possible.

At this point, you can now release your head back onto the floor, so the back of your head will rest on the floor. Your head should feel only a minimal amount of weight.

You can either straighten your knees or remain bent. If you choose the former, you will need to apply pressure on your heels against the floor.

Hold this pose for at least 1 minute.


3. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

A great way to open the heart, upper back and shoulders is to do the Cobra Pose.

Start by laying flat on your belly. Stretch your legs straight back with the tops of the feet on the floor. Spread your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders.

Press your hands against the floor and slowly lift your head, neck and then chest off the floor. Firm the shoulder blades against the back, pushing the ribs forward.

Slightly tuck the chin without straining the neck.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds.



4. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)


If you do this pose correctly, your back and chest will instantly feel good after the stretch. Makes sure to warm up properly before doing this.

Start by lying down on your belly with your hands at the sides. Inhale and bend your knees to bring your heels towards your buttocks. Hold your ankles with your hands. Keep your knees hip-width apart.

On the exhale, lift your chest and thighs away from the floor. Continue to lift your thighs higher and press your shoulder blades firmly against your back. This will open up your heart.

Roll the tops of the shoulders away from your ears. You can keep your gaze forward.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds.